Saturday, November 9, 2013

children addicted to pacifier

The pacifier is a great ally for the family at a time when the child is sad or tired. Many parents turn to a pacifier as the magic wand that silences the child. Yet when it comes time to remove it, the thing is not so easy .

According to experts , the child should have left the pacifier to enter college (about two years) . Many children are very fond of pacifier throughout his childhood , and I create security and tranquility. It is important for us to consider the parents take it off in a progressive and positive , as well as being a nuisance, the pacifier can lead to dental problems in children if used until later .

How to remove the pacifier to the child

For many parents this process we must arm ourselves with patience . It is not easy to snatch the child that partner who has had practically since birth. Children pull pacifier when nervous , heartbroken , restless ... In these cases, parents usually work very well positive reinforcement.

For starters , it is best to talk with the child to influence him in to do " greater things " . Parents must restrict pacifier use gradually , for example , leaving when the child wants to sleep or when you are very nervous . Moreover, the family must applaud the time when the child "does not need " the pacifier. It is a good alternative , reward the child when get to sleep without chuepete eg .

difficult children

In many homes, some children cling pacifier terribly desperate parents . It is advisable to look at home when the child uses a pacifier and why : if there is excessive nervousness, anxiety ...

Sometimes compulsive pacifier use may be due to a child's personal status , if, for example , there are changes in the household ( parental separation , arrival of a brother ... ) or if you have problems at daycare or school ( mismatches with other children , teachers ....) .

Do not remove the pacifier to the child abruptly based or reprimands . This can make it suck a finger or other objects, which is worse . If we are not able to remove the pacifier to the child calmly and the thing gets too long , parents can visit the family doctor or dentist to make sure there is no problem .